Deal reached over length of school day

November 4, 2011 (CHICAGO)

CTU president Karen Lewis announced Friday that the deal was reached after an eight-hour meeting Thursday with school officials.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard have been pushing for a longer school day with 90 more minutes without annual raises for teachers. The union said no, but several schools and teachers went around the union, making deals with CPS to start the longer school day this year. In return, schools and teachers got incentives, including bonuses.

The union accused CPS of union-busting, and Attorney General Lisa Madigan had been involved in representing the Illinois Educational Labor Board. Lewis said Friday that Attorney General Lisa Madigan was prepared to seek an injunction blocking any mores schools from extending the longer school day to any more schools by unlawful means.

The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, however, already voted to block Emanuel's administration from negotiating with more schools.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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