Alaska serial killer Israel Keyes' may have had Chicago victims

August 13, 2013 (CHICAGO)

His name is Israel Keyes, and he was a serial killer in our midst here in Chicago. For federal law enforcement, the question is: Did he commit crimes here, or, as so many people do, just visit O'Hare International Airport?

Keyes killed himself in a jail cell last December, without giving authorities enough information to locate victims.

"They never even found the bodies," said Israel Keyes, admitted serial killer.

In lengthy interviews with the FBI after his arrest a year and a half ago, Israel Keyes led investigators to believe that he had killed at least 11 people.Then he killed himself.

The man known as Izzy had talked openly about some of the murders, but after his own death six months ago, authorities tried on their own to figure out who Keyes killed and where.

They studied photos of him robbing banks and pictures of places where they know he killed, they examined a bucket of the weapons he used, they checked the roads he traveled and the woods where he hid out.

But so far, no bodies.

And so on Tuesday, the FBI asked for help from people who may have encountered Israel Keyes from 1997 to 2012. On their website, they have an interactive map, photos and a database of his travels.

"Best route for me to give you all the information you might need -- might be a last-minute kind of thing -- so I'm not around for the aftermath," said Keyes, in a FBI video.

Authorities say they know that this confessed serial killer was in Chicago in mid-October 2010, on a flight from Alaska to O'Hare. They presume he was just changing planes.

In June of 2011, another flight from Alaska to O'Hare, but this time the FBI says evidence shows he rented a car and drove to Indiana, where he visited relatives.

On June 8, they say he drove to Essex, Vermont, where he killed a couple, then a week later, he returned to Chicago and flew out of O'Hare.

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