Paris Bistro offers authentic pastries

In the far western reaches of Naperville, most of the dining options are chains, but Paris Bistro, a tiny French bistro in a strip mall, offers crepes and pastries as good as any cafe in the city, and no passport is needed.

October 6, 2013 12:12:10 PM PDT
You wouldn't know it from the outside, since it sits among several chains and across a parking lot from a movie theater, but Paris Bistro offers a unique take on French food.

"Paris Bistro is a small, yet sophisticated restaurant that offers gourmet, fresh French cooking," said Irina Haydon, the owner.

Haydon's reason for opening here? There was nothing like it.

"It started with the fact that I live across the street and I was having a hard time selecting a restaurant other than a chain," she said.

Begin with light and delicate crepes, made-to-order, they can be sweet or savory, like this version stuffed and topped with asparagus, cream and bacon. Or go bistro sleek with a tower of edamame, shredded carrots and wasabi vinaigrette, stacked with diced ahi tuna and fresh guacamole, topped with black and white sesame seeds. Steak frites with a knob of butter is old school, served with a mound of green beans, but save room for dessert: you can choose from among stuffed eclairs, macarons or crème brulee.

"We have some basic things that we make, and then the pastry chef just sort of has specials," said Haydon.

Now with a name like Paris Bistro, you know desserts are gonna be pretty serious business. From gelatos - they've got nearly two dozen flavors - I love the pistachio, to a front case here full of everything from tarts and éclairs and cream puffs, croissant, bread pudding; honestly though, look for the macaron jars, this is the dark horse, these are the hidden gems. Get the hazelnut.

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends.

Paris Bistro
2835 Show Place Dr., Naperville
(630) 357-1005