Classmates help girl with brain tumor finish concert before surgery

BOSTON -- Sophie Fellows, 9, couldn't finish last week's holiday violin concert at her school because of horrible headaches.

According to WCVB in Boston, doctors found a brain tumor and surgery was scheduled for Friday.

But Sophie wanted to finish that concert and so did her classmates, so they took their show on the road, leaving two feet of snow in Colchester, Vermont for the hospital in Boston. On Thursday, they performed.

"We have a scary surgery ahead of us tomorrow, and we are here to celebrate and I can't go to any other place in my head because it's too painful," said Amy Fellows, Sophie's mother.

Sophie, front and center, didn't miss a beat.

"It was really fun," she said. "It made me feel really happy."

At this point, doctors don't know what type of tumor they're dealing with. They hope it's one that can be treated with only surgery.

And now as Sophie's friends and classmates go back to Vermont, she and her family wait and pray.
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