Diane Sawyer sits down with Caitlyn Jenner again on 20/20

It's been two years since the 20/20 interview that sparked a national conversation, the last interview Bruce Jenner gave before transitioning to a woman.

Friday, April 21, Diane Sawyer returns to see what life has been like for Caitlyn Jenner.

Two years ago, Bruce Jenner was a famous Olympic athlete and star on a reality show, who stunned the world by sharing in an exclusive interview his life of secrecy and confusion.

Sawyer: Are you a woman?
Jenner: Yes, for all intents and purposes I am a woman.

Two years later, Diane goes back and sits down with Caitlyn at her house in Malibu.

Sawyer: Do you have doubt you did the right thing?

Jenner: Never. Never had any doubt I did the right thing.
Sawyer: Do you miss being Bruce?
Jenner: No, not at all, not even close.

Diane also speaks with a gathering of parents, both supportive and concerned about transgender bathroom issues in school, and introduces them to arguably the most famous transgender person in the world.

You can watch the entire interview tonight on 20/20, "Caitlyn Jenner: The Secrets of My Life" with Diane Sawyer at 9 p.m. CDT on ABC 7.
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