Chicago's Indian community reacts to Kamala Harris becoming first Indian American VP of United States

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Kamala Harris became not only the first Black woman to be vice president but also the first Indian American.

"If you dream about something here and if you work for it, you can achieve your dream, and that's what happened with Kamala Harris., and it's such a proud moment, sad Usha Kamaria, Indian immigrant.

Usha is a longtime leader in Chicago's Indian community.

Like Vice President Harris' mother, Kamaria and her husband came to America from India to provide a better life and more opportunities for their children.

"This is probably the only place where you can pretty start from wherever and end up wherever you want just based on hard work," said Raj Kamaria, first-generation Indian American.

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Raj said Wednesday reinforced the dream for immigrants and especially for girls of color.

"When I grow up, I want to be President of the United States," Raj's 4-year-old niece said.

The Kamaria family said Harris brings the Asian culture to the White House, and it is much needed during a time of unity.

"There is a lot of spirituality growing up in being Asian that keeps you calm and composed," Usha said.

"It's very group-think oriented. How do we rise everybody's boat, not just yours? So, I feel like that concept and having that ingrained in the back of your head, it's kind of very naturally beneficial to being a public figure."

The Kamaria family said Harris represents a combination of cultures that is not only a reflection of America but a big inspiration for future generations.
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