Chicago's hottest months: How often do city temperatures hit 90 degrees?

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Friday, September 20, 2019
Hottest months in Chicago
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Chicago has an average of 14 days above 90 degrees each year.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Summers in the city can be the best until you hit those 90-degree days when the sun sits high and the air is stifling hot.

While it may seem miserable at the time, Chicago's hottest days might not add up to as many as you would think.

On average, Chicago will see 14 days that hit 90 degrees or more, according to ABC7 Chicago's Meteorologist Larry Mowry.

He said the first date when the city's weather reaches 90 degrees is typically around June 8. The last date where we might typically see our last 90-degree day is usually around August 28.

July is the month where the city sees the most 90-degree days, with an average of almost six days for the month.

April and October are also known to hit those high digits.

The earliest day ever recorded to hit 90 degrees in Chicago was on April 10, 1930. October 6, 1963, was the latest.

So while Chicago may be saying goodbye to summer, the city could still have some hot days ahead.