Deer tries to get into Westmont car dealership before crashing into nursing home next door; 1 hurt

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Thursday, October 27, 2022
Oh deer! Young buck rampages through Westmont businesses, nursing home
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A car dealership in Westmont caught a deer on camera trying to break into their business. Shortly after, it crashed through a window into a nursing home nearby,.

WESTMONT, Ill. (WLS) -- Westmont police said a deer was caught on camera at a dealership trying to get into the show room before crashing through the window of a nursing home where at least one person was hurt.

The video was taken at McGrath Lexus of Westmont on East Ogden Avenue at about 6:45 a.m. Security cameras captured the young buck galloping across the parking lot, then charging into the showroom building but the windows do not break.

"I thought some of our signs fell down or one of the plants over here, or something like that, but definitely didn't think it was a deer trying to get into the building, that's for sure," said General Sales Manager Greg Luzinski.

The deer then charged to the Westmont Manor Health and Rehab Center next door where it broke through a window and into the building.

The deer knocked down at least three people in the nursing home, including a nurse who injured her arm, Westmont police said. Then it found another window, jumped through it, and ran away.

Police said the nursing home was the second call they got about the buck Wednesday morning; earlier it had crashed into an empty office building.

Police said they believe it was a young buck in rut who likely saw its reflection in the windows and wanted a fight. Experts say the deer was likely only slightly injured during the rampage, and advised that the animals heal quickly.

Police said they are not looking for the deer; they suspect he has already returned to his wooded natural habitat.