Chicago-based tech company, Otus, launches free access to virtual K-12 classes during COVID-19 crisis

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Schools across Illinois are closed as officials employ efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

The adjustment from in-person to online coursework can be hard for some students and parents.

To help parents keep their students on track with their school work, Chicago-based educational tech company, Otus, is offering free access to their K-12 e-learning academy.

Otus' President Dr. Keith Westman also provided tips for parents on how to adjust kids to e-learning school work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr.Westman said the goal is to keep kids active throughout the day.

  • Tip #1 : Start Small (It's okay to start with two or three activities a day.)

  • Tip #2 : Go old school (Kids can read anything, writing a letter to a family member, or create a show or play.)

  • Tip #3 : Plan the day (Set expectations, schedule, consistency like kids experience in school.)

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