Texas neighborhood hosts 2nd Halloween for child with leukemia

SPRING, Texas -- While many people are planning Thanksgiving dinners, it's Oct. 31 in one neighborhood for one special dinosaur and her friends.

Willow Kreitz, 8, stands out in the crowd of superheroes and cartoon characters. She missed Halloween this year, because she was in the hospital battling leukemia.

"It's not good at all. It's sometimes painful," she said.

A big battle this little T-rex is stomping. Still, missing her favorite holiday was hard.

But when there's a Willow, there's a way. Her dad, Robert Kreitz, made her an amazing dinosaur costume while she was still in the hospital.

Classmates and their parents got a whole neighborhood on board to hand out candy.

"She just deserves it. You know, everything she's been through and having to miss things," said Lori Kliebert, a classmate's mother.

With that teamwork, they made it happen Friday night. They set the clock back to a few weeks ago.

"It's great," Willow said. "It's really good!"

All so this brave little dinosaur could stomp down the street, and get candy with her friends.

Willow knows at too young an age life can be hard, but she's also learned sometimes people come through.

"I feel it in God and I feel it in all my friends," she said.
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