Majority of Americans experienced financial regrets in 2021, according to MoneyGeek survey

Money-saving tips to start year off right
CHICAGO (WLS) -- With more than a month of the new year behind us, Americans are thinking twice about their financial decisions.

According to a new MoneyGeek survey, 73% of Americans had financial regrets in 2021.

Here are the expert tips for doable money goals to start the year off right:

  • Use a budget: Experts suggest the 50/30/20 method which allots 50% of income to necessary expenses (like rent), 30% towards discretionary spending (like entertainment), and 20% towards savings.

  • Review current costs to reduce overall spending. Cut out unnecessary expenses like streaming services or subscriptions you may not be using.

  • According to experts, paying down credit debt is one of the most powerful ways to improve financial health so you can AVOID PAYING INTEREST. You can also make a larger payment towards your home loan , also lowering overall debt.
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