Protesters seeking tougher gun laws rally outside Riverdale gun shop

Protesters say the gun dealer is one of the main sources of guns used in crimes in the city
RIVERDALE, Ill. (WLS) -- Once again, members of the faith community took aim at Chuck's Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale, hoping to bring attention to gun violence while calling for stricter gun laws.

"We are making it plain that what happens behind these doors does not stay behind these doors. It has an impact all over our city," said Rev. David Swanson with New Community Covenant Church.

Joined by their supporters, the pastors and ministers from the Chicago area held their "Die-In" on the sidewalk in front of the gun dealer, which they said continues to be one of the main sources of guns used in crimes in the city.

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"Two in five guns from police crimes came from this store," said Rev. Ira Acree with Greater St. John Bible Church, "40% of the guns picked up come from Chuck's."

The owners of Chuck's and their employees declined to comment.

The roughly hour-long protest comes as the U.S. Senate advances major bi-partisan gun control legislation, which is meant to toughen federal gun laws.

"These senators in Washington parade fake righteousness," said Father Michael Pfleger with St. Sabina Catholic Church. "They talk about respect for life. They talk about fighting against abortion in the womb, but they don't care about abortion once they are born."

Although not directly touched by gun violence, almost all participating in the protest hope their effort will save lives.

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"Sometimes it's hard because I want some change, even if it's small, I want something," said protester Ami Plummer.

"We see the overlap in so many different ways as how it's affecting our community and the Chicago community as well," added fellow protester Scot Gillam.

Chucks remained closed during the protest. A small victory for the activists who said they are committed to change.
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