Coronavirus outbreak: Nurse diagnosed with COVID-19 speaks out after working while sick at Westchester facility; 11 test positive

WESTCHESTER, Ill. (WLS) -- There's growing concern about an outbreak of cases at the Westchester Health and Rehabilitation Center where at least 11 people have tested positive.

Now, a nurse there who is among those who have COVID-19 is speaking out.

A little more than a week ago Terralyn Baugh was still working at the Westchester Health and Rehabilitation Center, but she said she had been feeling sick for several days before that.

It wasn't until last Wednesday that she was tested for COVID-19, and has since been hospitalized and is trying to recover.

"Right now I'm in pain and can't breathe at normal levels," Baugh said.

Between the time she began feeling sick and getting her coronavirus test, she said she may have passed the virus to other staff and patients at the facility.

"We could have spread it to each other," Baugh said. "That's my major concern, is if I picked up this gave it to someone else."

A patient at the facility, 77-year-old Mary Clemon, is now also hospitalized as she awaits her COVID-19 testing results. Her family is praying for her recovery but also asking questions about the facility.

A spokesperson for the facility said patients who have tested positive are now hospitalized outside the facility, releasing a statement that read:

"The safety and health of our residents and our employees is our highest priority. We are working diligently to take heightened precautions and to adhere to protocols outlined by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)."

Community activist Andrew Holmes said several of the patients who've been diagnosed have reached out to him.

"I'm very concerned about the employees; and any employee, anyone who goes in and out of the facility needs to be tested," Holmes said.

Several employees said while there may be as many as 11 confirmed cases at the facility, there could be many others who haven't yet been tested.
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