Artists collaborate to create COVID-19 coloring book

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Chicago-based creative design agency has released a COVID-19 themed coloring book, showcasing a global network of artists and giving everyone stuck at home a new creative activity.

"We're all looking for things to do. We've all watched a tiger documentary probably one too many times. So (the book) is a fun escape to kind of activate our mind and connect a little bit," said John Morrison, co-founder of Company Inq.

Company Inq. recruited graffiti writers, tattoo artists, graphic designers and other artists from around the world to create "Quarantine Designs in Pandemic Times," which is available for free download on their website.

Morrison's business partner, Amuse126, is a graffiti writer himself.

"I enjoy coloring books because that's where I started. That's the first thing I remember," Amuse126 said.

"It really gave me a sense of how things are laid out and how I can apply myself to pre-existing designs. I was able to then start creating work without needing a blueprint."

The creators said they've already seen downloads worldwide. Amuse126 even said one prison was distributing the books.

"We created this book to give people an escape," Amuse126. "Creatively if you don't have something to get your energy out, you really can find yourself a little stir crazy."
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