Follow ABC7's Michelle Gallardo as she runs the Everest Marathon for good cause

ABC7 Chicago's very own Michelle Gallardo will be running for a good cause, but first she must endure a 10-day hike before she even makes it to the starting line.

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Gallardo finally made it to Nepal last Thursday to begin the next leg of her journey to the Everest Marathon.

"Fortunately, we made it to our hotel for the night intact, if a bit rattled. Tomorrow, though, the real adventure begins," Gallardo wrote.

She spent Wednesday in the village of Khumkjung, and reached the point where she officially began hiking, in reverse, the Everest Marathon course.

"I'm told today will be much more gradual; the terrain less severe, either way, if before I was pretty sure my race would be more of a hike, than a run, now I am sure of it," Gallardo wrote.

She said during the race, she'll be descending for the most part, rather than ascending.

"But descents under these rocky condition must be taken even more carefully," Gallardo wrote. "One wrong step can end in disaster."

Gallardo said Wednesday's route, like every day, was a narrow trial, hugging the mountainside. Ama Dablam, which isn't as famous as Mt. Everest, is over 6,000 meters, one of the world's highest peaks.

She said minus two acclimatization days, four more hiking days remain before she reaches Everest Base Camp.

She is taking on this adventure to bring awareness to the 20,000 Nepal girls who are lured or sold into slavery each year. They end up in the brothels of India or as domestic slaves, which was actually still considered legal until recently in Nepal.

The American Himalayan Foundation works hard to combat the problem. Through its STOP Girl trafficking program, AHF educates over 12,000 girls in more than 500 schools across Nepal each year, keeping them safe. That's what Gallardo is climbing for.

From how she packed, to more on the cause she's supporting, and her day-to-day experience, you can follow her journey along the way on her blog, She Ventures.
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