Expert shares tips on making your own bows and wreaths for the holiday

Arielle Corbett, the owner of AriCreative joined Eyewitness News at 11 to show us how to do DIY bows and wreaths.

Bows can add amazing amount of enhancement to holiday décor. They may seem like a small detail but a beautiful bow presentation can change décor from good to great.

People see a fluffy, bright bow and get excited. Bows are always a crowd-pleaser. Even if your gift wrapping is messy, a nice bow will distract from that and make a gift look appealing.

There are easy ways to go above and beyond a store-bought option.

Bows can be used for multiple purposes in addition to gifts: tree décor, wreaths and garland enhancements, table settings, bouquets, etc.

- Step one: Create loops/bow base

- Step two: Nose & Tail

- Step three: Separate Loops, Trim, Fluff

Attaching bows to a package is simple. The ribbon that goes around the package should be a separate step, so you're not trying to be an octopus wrapping ribbon in all directions!

- Attach bow to knot on top of box.

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Arielle Corbett, the owner of AriCreative joined Eyewitness News at 11 to show us how to do DIY wreaths.

Wreaths are an eye-catching part of Holiday décor and a traditional must-have accent piece.

Wreaths are not just for doors anymore - we see them in windows, on walls, car grills, tables, light posts, fences, flower boxes, etc. They also make excellent gifts and hostess presents.

We've all seen the tacky wreath from the craft aisle, or the deflated wreaths from the discount store that look like they've been sat on.
There are easy ways to decorate a store-bought wreath to add your own style and coordinate with your own holiday theme.

Tips on Materials:

- Wreaths can be real or artificial. If using a real wreath indoors, it helps to give it a light spritz of water every couple of days to keep it from drying out.

- Painted or glittery materials work best for indoor wreaths.

- Natural/organic materials best for outdoor wreaths.

- Glass/plastic ornaments or silk/nylon flowers work for both indoor and outdoor.

- Craft wire should be thin enough to be pliable, strong enough to work through branches, approximately 22 gauge.

Decorating Indoor Wreaths:

- Add light strings first. Be sure to pay attention to where your outlet is so you know whether the plug needs to be at top or bottom of wreath.

- Use regular tree ornaments .Round ornaments work best.

- Attach craft wire to ornament cap. Don't worry if ornament cap comes loose easily - you can use a glue gun to reattach.

- Place ornament and insert craft wire all the way through wreath.

- On back of wreath, pull wire taut and wrap around metal frame of wreath.

- If using decorative materials on bendable sticks, poke through the wreath and bend around metal base at back of wreath to secure.

- Place decorative materials at even intervals for symmetry, preferably in odd numbers.

Decorating Outdoor Wreaths with Organic Materials:

- Trim sprigs off branch and bunch into small grouping.

- Use various types of evergreens, berries, or sturdy leaves such as holly or eucalyptus.

- Fasten bundle together by wrapping craft wire (approx. 18") around base of the bundle. Leave the extra wire tails loose, as these will be used to attach the bundle to the wreath.

- Insert wire through wreath, pull taut, and wrap wire ends around metal wreath base to secure.

- Alternative method to affix bundles: Attach longer wire to bundle and wrap around wreath (horizontally), hiding wire underneath wreath sprigs. Pull wire taut and twist at back or secure wire ends onto metal base.


- There is no rule on where to place bow... top, bottom, side, it's all your preference!

- Instead of a bow, you can use large flowers or an accent ornament instead. Or decorate all the way around wreath and skip bow/accent piece. Simple is okay too!
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