Brides say business has kept wedding videos for years

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Some angry brides claim they've waited several years for wedding videos. They are moments that couples want to cherish forever. But the frustrated brides said they've been begging one local business man to turn over the videos.

Erin Brewer can only look at photographs of her August 2012 wedding day because she said one man still has her wedding video.

"We want that memory, we want to be able to share it with our friends, our family, and our children when they get older and we can't," Brewer said.

She paid John Kevin Mohan from John Kevin Films $1,225 but four years later doesn't have the produced video. She said she just received the raw unedited footage this week, after the ABC 7 I-Team's investigation.

"And there were people who gave us personal messages and there are some people who have passed away since that we really want to know if they talked to us," Brewer.

The I-Team found that John Kevin Films has an F with the Better Business Bureau for similar complaints.

Tara Grall's wedding was five years ago.

"It being almost five years since November 11, 2011 when my husband and I got married, it makes me furious that John Kevin-I feel like he is a con artist and I feel beyond frustrated that I tried to figure out how to get my wedding film," Grall said.

Grall said she's still waiting for her fully produced Blu-ray DVD. She did however received unedited footage.

Nikki Novak said she too received some of the footage of her August 2011 wedding but not a fully produced video.

"He would just give me the same excuses over and over. I'm still encoding, I'm still encoding and if it wasn't that it was the upgrade in software or having to buy new software and then reinstall it," Novak said.

John Kevin Mohan told the I-Team Novak still has a $325 balance due but that he would forgive it because of the delays. He admitted the other 2 brides have paid in full and told us he would fulfill his end of the deal.

"I'm sorry, I'm very sorry. As soon as I found this problem with the editing, I stopped selling wedding contracts. I came out and filmed everyone's weddings to get them memorialized knowing that eventually I would get this editing problem under control, which i am at this point. The jobs are getting done," he said.

Mohan said he's filed bankruptcy and blames the delays on computer troubles.

"The editing computer I had put together was not up to the task of editing high-definition footage. The program froze, it stalled, it crashed. I ended up having to borrow money from my family. So, I'm getting them done finally, but it is still taking me a long time," he said.

He said 11 other brides are still waiting.

In texts this week Mohan again blamed continued delays on more technical problems and said his computer was frozen with the "blue screen of death" but days later said his computer was back up and running.

He said he hopes to have all of them done before the holidays.

Experts say to protect yourself you can have a contract that states you will only pay in full once you get the entire produced video.
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