Lincoln Park High School local council makes demands amid tension over removed administrators

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Lincoln Park High School parents are calling for a special meeting with CPS officials after a tumultuous week following the sudden removal of three administrators.

The message from parents Friday was simply give our administrators back. They want the principal, assistant principal, and dean who were removed at Lincoln Park High School to be reinstated and they want a meeting with CPS CEO Janice Jackson and Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

"Our Lincoln Park school community is hurting," said Maybeth Jones of the Lincoln Park High School Council. "Our leadership was very suddenly taken away and our students staff and our families are struggling with this inexplicable void."

They are asking CPS for answers as to why three school administrators were removed from their posts, prompting a student walk out this week. CPS said it all stems from a sexual misconduct incident that happened during a basketball team trip to Detroit over the holidays.

"We need more information right about that they have not said what specifically the administrators that were removed did or didn't do to warrant their removal," said Eli Grant of the local school council.

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CPS said they can't provide more details about the sexual misconduct because they want to protect the identities of the victims involved. But Grant said they're not asking for victims, they're asking about leadership.

"We need to understand the specific things, the specific steps that were taken or not taken," Grant said.

And in a separate incident this week, interim administrator Judith Gibbs resigned after she was caught on camera apparently squeezing the face of a student.

"She was allowed a graceful exit when we all saw the video and we know why she left the school," Jones said.

Leaving some students concerned about the future.

"The whole strike in October really messed us up and then this happening now, we can't get back on track at school," said Lincoln Park student Estrella Sutton. "I'm a junior this is like my most important year and I'm dealing with all of this chaos."

Parents from the local school council now say they want:

-To meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPS CEO Janice Jackson,

-Administrators who've been removed to be reinstated,
-Basketball players not involved in the scandal to be able to play,

-And open, honest, and transparent communication with the CPS, overall.

Parents have been in touch with Alderman Michelle Smith and CPS says additional counselors will also be brought in and a special hotline has also been established at the school.
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