'Marcel the Shell with Shoes On' is back in a new stop-motion short film

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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The adorable anthropomorphic shell, Marcel, is back in a brand new stop-motion animated short film. For the uninitiated, Marcel is a near-microscopic, talking shell (with shoes on), whose childlike awkwardness and earnest nature make for some hilarious observations on his life surroundings. Take a look.

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Just as the previous two short films, the Marcel videos are shot documentary-style, and incorporating minimalistic stop-motion animation. This is the first video appearance of Marcel since 2011, and his third short film to date.

Initially produced as a video collaboration between writer/director Dean Fleischer-Camp and writer/actress Jenny Slate (SNL), who are married, the viral success of the first Marcel video prompted them to release a children's book based on the character. The book, "Marcel the Shell With Shoes On: Things About Me" went onto become a New York Times bestseller in 2011.

Marcel is voiced by Slate, who interacts with an off-screen interviewer, Fleischer-Camp. Marcel cracks jokes only he could possibly understand, and shares with us the banal details of living in a world that's just too big for him.

Marcel: "Guess what my bed is?"

Interviewer: "What?"

Marcel: "A piece of bread."

The married co-authors released the video in promotion of their latest book, "Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been."

To check out more of the adorable mollusk, take a look at the first two Marcel videos below:

Marcel the Shell with Shoe On part one:

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Marcel the Shell with Shoes On part two:

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Marcel, ever earnest, introduces himself as:

"My name is Marcel and I'm partially a shell, as you can see on my body, but I also have shoes, and um, a face... so, I like that about myself and I like myself, and I have a lot other great qualities as well."

What's your favorite observation made by Marcel? Let us know in the comments below.