Illinois named 11th best state for millennials in 2019

Chicago (WLS) (WLS) -- Millennials get a bad rap from the older generations, but in some parts of the United States, older generations may need to cut them some slack. According to Wallethub, millennials make up 21 percent of all consumer discretionary spending in the U.S., but they are economically worse off than the generations before them. Researchers at the personal finance site released a new report on 2019's best and worst states for millennials to determine where this generation thrives and where it tends to struggle.

Researchers at WalletHub examined each state and the District of Columbia across 36 key metrics, ranging from millennial unemployment rate to millennial voter-turnout rate, and Massachusetts topped the list as the best state for millennials. The state also ranked first in the "Education and Health" category and second in "Quality of Life." The District of Columbia came in second overall, followed by Washington, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to round out the top five.

Millennials living in Illinois are also thriving, according the WalletHub. The Prairie State ranked 11th overall, and 11th in the "Education and Health" and "Quality of Life" categories. However, Illinois millennials are still struggling in the financial front. The state ranked 46th in the "Economic Health" category.

So, which state is the worst for millennials? West Virginia. The state ranked 51st overall and in 3 out of 5 categories. However, it took the 18th spot in the "affordability rank" category, so there is still some hope for millennials in the Mountain State.

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