Brewers fans upgrade tailgate experience with hot tub

Ahead of any sporting event, you might see tailgaters grilling, drinking and having a good time.

But some Milwaukee Brewers fans took tailgating to a whole new level on opening day with a hot tub.

Dave Earl is the man behind it all.

"Just a bunch of guys that have a passion for the Brewers and tailgating," Earl said. "One of our friends owns a hot tub and after a few nights of drinking, we were like 'I wonder if we could make this happen and bring it to a tailgate.' So we thought about some logistics and made it happen."

Earl and his friends loaded the portable hot tub into a U-haul truck and drove to Miller Park.

WISN reporter Hillary Mintz asked if it was like a hot tub time machine back to 1982 when the Brewers were in the World Series.

"That's the idea," Earl said, "that's definitely the idea. So maybe this year if they go and they make it, we're gonna have to start bringing the hot tub every year."
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