VIDEO: Warriors ball out with over $400K of champagne in celebration of NBA title

CLEVELAND -- No wonder Kevin Durant was "looking forward to going to celebrate in the locker room." There was a ton of champagne waiting for the MVP and the incredible Golden State Warriors as they celebrated their third NBA title in four years.

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The Golden State Warriors celebrated their 2nd consecutive championship with the ultimate locker room Moet Moment as they popped over 300 bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne.

Presented in the ultimate gold Moet bathtub, the Warriors celebrated with two limited edition bottle types. The celebration included 150 limited edition Mot Impérial Golden Luminous Magnum Bottles. The limited-edition bottles, which are only sold in nightclubs, sell for an average price of $1,250 per bottle.

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Just when you thought the celebration couldn't get any grander, the team also had 150 limited edition Mot Nectar Rose Public School Luminous Magnums which sell for $1,500 per bottle.

The total cost for the celebration, over $400,000.

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