3 officers at federal prison accused of sexually assaulting female inmates

NEW YORK -- Three officers assigned to a federal prison in New York City are in custody for allegedly sexually assaulting inmates.

The officers, who work at the Metropolitan Detention Center in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn, were arrested Thursday morning. At least one was arrested at the prison.

The three - identified as Carlos Richard Martinez, Eugenio Perez and Armando Moronta -- are accused of sexually assaulting multiple female inmates.

At least one is accused of threatening the women with solitary confinement unless they complied.

Martinez and Perez are lieutenants at the prison.

According to the criminal complaint, Martinez was responsible for conducting rounds to identify and deter staff sexual abuse and sexual harassment. He was also involved in educating the prison staff about the Prison Rape Elimination Act, also known as "PREA."

Martinez is accused of posting a photo of himself with another prison employee on Facebook with the caption "It's only PREA when you don't like it."

The complaint alleges that Martinez in December 2015, forcibly raped one of the female inmates, causing her to bleed from her private area.

Here's an excerpt from the complaint:

"Put simply, the defendant used his superior position, authority, and strength, to overpower and rape Jane Doe, a petite female prisoner under his control and care. The defendant did not use a condom when he raped Jane Doe, leaving her terrified that, among other things, she would get pregnant. The defendant assured Jane Doe that she would not get pregnant because he had undergone a vasectomy, rendering him incapable of impregnating others."

Perez, as a lieutenant, was also involved in educating staff regarding PREA and deterring staff sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

According to the complaint, Perez allegedly had sexual contact with two inmates in September 2016. He allegedly let one of the inmates out of isolation in exchange for her doing extra cleaning duty. When it was time for her to clean, he her and another inmate, and then forced them to engage in sexual activities.

He's accused of inappropriately touching one of the inmates while commanding the other to perform a sex act on him.

Here's an excerpt from the complaint about Perez:

"The defendant warned Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2, in substance and in part, not to tell anyone what had transpired and that, if they did, they would "be sorry" and no one would believe them because he was a Lieutenant. The following morning, the defendant returned to Jane Doe #1 and Jane Doe #2's unit. Jane Doe #2 encountered the defendant in the hallway outside the unit, whereupon the defendant asked her, in substance and in part, if she "want(ed) some more" and again admonished her not to say anything."

Moronto is accused of ordering food for himself and two inmates, and taking the inmates back to the unit office to eat with him. He then summoned them back later in the night and instructed one of the inmates to perform a sex act on him while the other was to serve as a lookout.

After the incident, he allegedly told the inmates not to tell anyone what happened because he'd get in trouble.

They are expected to appear in federal court in Downtown Brooklyn later in the day.
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