CPD Officer Luis Huesca shot 10 times, prosecutors say, as murder suspect appears in court

Police said relative's bank card, fingerprints from fence led them to suspect

Saturday, May 4, 2024
CPD Officer Huesca shot 10 times, prosecutors say, as suspect in court
New details about the murder of Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca were revealed in court Friday as accused shooter Xavier Tate Jr. was ordered held.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- New details in the shooting of Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca, emerged in court Friday during the first appearance of the man charged with his murder.

Xavier Tate Jr. was arrested Wednesday night at an apartment complex in Glendale Heights after a 10-day manhunt.

He has been charged with first-degree murder, aggravated vehicular hijacking and possession of a stolen firearm. The judge denied him pre-trial release.

Police believe Tate is responsible for carjacking and killing Officer Huesca in Gage Park on April 21, as Huesca returned home from his shift dressed in uniform.

Police said Huesca never fired his gun and that only one ballistics profile was discovered at the scene. In court Friday, prosecutors said Huesca was shot 10 times.

WATCH: The moment Xavier Tate Jr. is taken into custody in Glendale Heights

Video shows Xavier Tate, Jr., the suspect in the murder of Chicago Police Officer Luis Huesca, being taken into custody in west suburban Glendale Heights on Wednesday.

Just before court, Chicago police spoke of a long, meticulous trail of evidence.

"What this investigation showed is through the very exacting work, I can really want to emphasize that they recovered video from 90 different locations, and with businesses and community members supporting us, is that we are able to track Tate's movements well before the encounter when Officer Huesca goes returning from his tour of duty," said CPD Chief of Detectives Antoinette Ursitti.

Police said they used video from before and after the shooting to track Tate Jr.'s movements, which led them to a convenience store where he used a relative's bank card, along with fingerprints from a fence he was allegedly seen jumping over.

Prosecutors ticked through details of Tate Jr.'s multiple outfit changes, saying he alternated between distinctive hoodies, jackets, and shoes with a black backpack. Investigators said the description tracked closely to surveillance video CPD released the day after Huesca's death.

Prosecutors said at as Huesca drove toward his Gage Park home, Tate Jr. followed and approached "his vehicle on the driver's side" and then opened fire, striking him 10 times in the head, chest, arms and thighs.

"So at this point, we don't have any information that is leading us to believe that he specifically was targeted, but that we believe that Tate was in that area walking around, and when he committed this offense as Huesca was parking his vehicle," Ursitti said.

Prosecutors said Tate's evasion of police started immediately as he rode away on a stolen bike. They said he then crossed three states in 10 days, going to Rockford; Dubuque, Iowa; Madison, Wisconsin; and back to Glendale Heights.

Investigators found Huesca's stolen service weapon with defaced serial numbers at a home on the city's Far South Side last Friday.

Officer Huesca's family grieving but strong in their pursuit of justice

Officer Luis Huesca's mother and only surviving brother were in court to face the man charged with killing him.

Mother Edith Huesca and her surviving son Emiliano Jr. were both in court Friday. She often dabbed her eyes throughout the hearing.

They walked out of court, flanked by CPD officers, still stunned with grief and with the agony of seeing their son and brother's accused killer face-to-face for the first time.

They thanked everyone who have been supporting them.

"Today I feel a little bit of relief. I know it's going to be a couple more harder days to go along afterwards. I just want everyone to know there will be justice done for my brother," said Emiliano Huesca Jr.

Mayor, prosecutors, police speak about arrest for first time

Meanwhile, Mayor Brandon Johnson, Chicago Police Superintendent Larry Snelling and Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx spoke at a news conference about Tate Jr.

"These charges reflect the severity of the actions that led to the tragic death of a man who served this city with integrity and with bravery," said Foxx.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, CPD Superintendent Larry Snelling and Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx detail the charges against the suspect in the murder of Chicago police officer Luis Huesca.

The family and Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge #7 President John Catanzara spoke to the media after the Friday court hearing.

The mother and brother of fallen CPD Officer Luis Huesca and FOP President John Catanzara spoke to the media Friday after murder suspect Xavier Tate, Jr. appeared in court.

Alleged accomplice also charged

It also led them to a person named Caschaus Tate, who allegedly tried to get rid of Officer Huesca's gun.

Glendale Heights police said Tate Jr., who has a criminal history, eventually traveled to Wisconsin and Iowa to evade capture. He ultimately wound up at an apartment in Glendale Heights, where he was captured.

READ MORE: Relative of suspect in Officer Luis Huesca's murder tried to dispose of service weapon, prosecutors say

The DuPage County State's Attorney's Office said Malik Murphy is charged with one count of concealing or aiding a fugitive, a class 4 felony.

"Removing this individual from the street does not only bring justice to the Huesca family, it also ensures the public that he will not have the opportunity to commit the same offense on anyone else in our society," Superintendent Larry Snelling said. "We have individuals who are out there to cause harm. And what you see standing here is a coordinated effort by everyone to put an end to that."

Officer Huesca was laid to rest on Monday. Mayor Brandon Johnson did not attend the funeral, after the officer's grief stricken mother said he was not welcome.

Mayor Johnson addressed that request at the news conference Friday morning.

"Showing up for the people of Chicago is something that I do every single day," Mayor Brandon Johnson said. "The conversation that I had directly with Officer Huesca's mother was that she requested that I not attend the funeral, and I honored her request."

Officer Huesca's family reacted to the arrest, writing their own statement, saying in part: "The vile nature of this crime and its devastating impact on our family and the community demand uncompromising pursuit of justice.

"While no measure of justice can bring Officer Huesca back or fully heal our hearts, we take solace in his enduring legacy of service and bravery."

Tate is next due on court May 22.

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