John Wilson Jr. gets 160 years in Kelli O'Laughlin murder

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The man who murdered suburban teenager Kelli O?Laughlin when she interrupted a home burglary is sentenced to the maximum 160 years in prison. (WLS)

John Wilson Jr. was sentenced to 160 years in prison in the October 2011 murder of 14-year-old Kelli O'Laughlin at her family's Indian Park Head home.

Wilson, 41, had no reaction when Judge John Hynes called him "cold" and "calculating" and handed down the maximum sentence possible under the law on Friday afternoon.

Kelli was stabbed to death when she came home as Wilson was burglarizing the house. Following her murder, Wilson taunted the girl's mother, Brenda O'Laughlin, with texts from Kelli's stolen cell phone.

She spoke at the sentencing Friday.

"I so wish that I had been the one who walked into our house that day to see that evil killer," Brenda O'Laughlin said. "I cannot even begin to imagine or endure her last moments of life with that evil man. . . Kelli was a true innocent victim. What physical threat could she have been?"

Wilson pretended to be asleep during much of the hearing, except to make occasional outbursts. He also taunted Kelli's mother after she spoke.

"We was in a relationship, Bren. What happened? Are you serious?" he said with a smile.

Brenda O'Laughlin did not reply. Later, outside the courtroom, she said, "I stood up to him. There wasn't an impact in that because it didn't mean anything."

"I'm not elated. I'm glad to be over - 160 years doesn't seem like long enough, but it's the maximum," John O'Laughlin said.

The O'Laughlin family said they can now focus on Kelli's foundation instead of on putting her killer away.

"I've never mentioned him in the last three years. I've never said his name," Brenda O'Laughlin said of Wilson. "And this really was all about Kelli. This wasn't about the defendant or the murderer. It was about Kelli."

Wilson did not make a statement. However, when he was asked a question by the judge, he said, "Sir, I do not know who you are. I do not know why I am here and the voices told me not to talk to you."
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