Newsviews: Congressman Danny Davis discusses solutions for wealth gap, graduation rates

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Sunday, August 13, 2017
Part 1 of Newsviews: Congressman Danny Davis
Part 1 of Newsviews featuring Congressman Danny Davis.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Nearly half of young African American men in Chicago are neither in school nor working.[br /][br /]Nationwide, 55 percent of African American men live below the poverty line.[br /][Ads /][br /]In Chicago, 59 percent of African American teenagers do not graduate from high school.[br /][br /]Congressman Danny Davis talked about his upcoming conference on the state of African American men aimed at finding solutions to these problems and others.[br /][br /]For more information on the conference, visit [url HREF="[br /]" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow"][/url][br /][Ads /][br /][b]Part 1:[/b][br /][media ID="2303321" /][br /][br /][b]Part 2:[/b][br /][media ID="2303362" /]