Patrick Kane trying to focus on hockey amid sex assault investigation

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Sunday, September 27, 2015
Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane speaks to the media after practice Sept. 26, 2015..

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane talked Saturday about trying to focus on hockey in the middle of the investigation into a sexual assault allegation made against him.

It has been a week filled with twists and turns in the investigation of the allegations made against the Blackhawks star.

The attorney for Kane's accuser claimed Wednesday that an evidence bag that held the woman's rape kit was left at her mother's front door. Late Thursday, that attorney resigned, saying he had doubts about how the bag made it to his office.

On Friday, the Erie County District Attorney passionately spoke, claiming that bag was a hoax and that the rape kit was never stored in a bag - rather, rape kits are always stored in boxes. He also said that the kit has not left police custody.

Kane took the ice at the United Center Saturday night for his second game of the preseason.

Saturday morning, he talked to reporters after practice, who asked him about his mindset following this wild week.

"If I start worrying about other things, then it's only going to mess with my head and mess with what I'm trying to do here," he said. "Obviously I'm trying to get my game back and get everything back on point so that's where my focus is at right now. Being around your teammates, being in an environment that you love to be a part of, that obviously helps, but there are still plenty of things that are obviously going on away from the rink that keep your attention."

Prosecutors say they are still looking into the case.

Kane is accused of sexual assault at his Buffalo, N.Y., home on Aug. 2. He has not been charged.


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