Quick-thinking 9-year-old girl breaks into grandma's house to save her life

"A hero. She's a she-ro. Cause girls rule. We rock."
CHESTER, Pa. -- A 9-year-old girl says she knew something was wrong when she arrived at her grandmother's Delaware County house before school last week. What she did with that information took courage and might have very well saved her grandmother's life.

Donna Davis dropped her daughter Cayla off at her mother's house in Chester on her way to work as she usually does.

"I dropped her off and I saw her go through the gate. And I figured she'd be OK," said Donna.

But Cayla found the house dark and silent. The doors were locked and there was no sign of her grandmother.

"I didn't see anything. I didn't hear anything," said Cayla Davis-Clark. "I just kept hearing my mom calling and calling and calling."

Donna was calling to make sure her daughter was safely inside. She wasn't.

Cayla checked all the doors, but couldn't get in.

That's when the 9-year-old saw a small window above the front door and hatched a plan to try to get inside her grandmother's house.

Cayla climbed onto a bench that sits on her grandmother's porch, then onto the handle of the front door, and then she made her way onto the door's paneling. Cayla then pushed in the window and jumped into the house.

Amazingly, Cayla found a way for her body to get through the window feet first. She then hoisted herself down.

Once inside, Cayla found her grandmom Joyce Ann Davis suffering from an aneurysm.

Meanwhile, police were on their way as the child's window break-in had triggered an alarm.

Once on the scene, Cayla tossed the arriving officers the keys to the house through the same window.

Police made their way inside and Joyce was rushed to the hospital.

Cayla's family has no doubt her actions saved her grandmother's life.

"There's no doubt in my mind that Cayla is my little angel," said Donna . "A hero. She's a she-ro. Cause girls rule. We rock."

Joyce is still recovering in the hospital. Donna says it's safe to assume her mother wouldn't have even made to the hospital and had a chance had it not been for Cayla.
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