Boy, 13, almost hits students during Wisconsin high-speed police chase caught on video: officials

Part of Glendale police chase posted on TikTok
GLENDALE, Wis. -- A high-speed police chase was caught on camera earlier this week in Wisconsin, and the driver was reportedly a 13-year-old boy.

A driver was caught on camera plowing onto the lawn at Glen Hills Middle School in Glendale, Wisconsin during dismissal on Thursday, WISN reported.

"Wow. When he just comes across the lawn, that was the scariest part of it, you know? And so we were just kinda thanking God that he didn't ... none of the other kids got hurt," said Pastor Kasandra Williams, a grandparent of a student at the school.

Glendale police said that driver was a 13-year old-boy.

Police said the boy stole the car in Milwaukee and later crashed. Officers arrested four teenagers in the car, all younger than 17.

"It's shocking. It seems to be the trend now where kids are doing this kind of thing and putting everybody's life at risk, putting their own lives at risk. It has to stop," parents Jordan Wanner said.

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Wanner's three kids attend the school.

He was not at dismissal, but heard the superintendent's district-wide voicemail.

"While students were outside for gym class and beginning dismissal, there was a police, high-speed chase that took itself through part of the Glen Hills School grounds," it said.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.

But after seeing similar events unfold at other schools in the Milwaukee area, parents said it needs to stop.

"If we can get back to parenting, you wouldn't have situations like this, whether it's in Glendale, Menomonee Falls, or Milwaukee, because it's happening all around. It's children that are not parented right, period," Williams said.