R. Kelly jury views graphic videos of alleged sexual encounters with a minor

R. Kelly accuser "Jane" was cross-examined by his defense attorneys Friday

Friday, August 19, 2022
R. Kelly jury views graphic videos of sexual encounters
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A federal agent testified the videos depicted R. Kelly and the woman known as "Jane" when she was a minor.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Disgraced singer R. Kelly's attorneys got their chance Friday to cross-examine a woman who claims she had sexual relations with the singer when she was 14 years old. Videos of sexual encounters were also played in court.

In Courtroom 2525 in the Dirksen Federal Building, the public had a restricted view when videos considered child pornography by the government were played.

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A federal agent testified the videos depicted R. Kelly and the woman known as "Jane" when she was a minor.

In the video, Kelly is heard instructing and threatening Jane to do sexual activities and telling her to talk about her 14-year-old body.

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Earlier in the day Jane, now 37 years old, testified for a second day. A day earlier, she told jurors Kelly groomed her starting at age 13 and became sexual with her when she was 14, and that Kelly told her to lie about their sexual contact until she testified "I became exhausted with living with these lies."

Under cross examination by Kelly's attorney on Friday, Jane acknowledged texting Kelly up until 2019. And when she was contacted by the U.S. Attorney's office, Jane reached out to him again.

"You had opportunity after opportunity to not carry his lies... and the first person you call is Robert?" asked Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly's attorney.

"Yes. Because that's what I was used to," Jane responded.

Jane testified about being questioned by a U.S. attorney. In an initial meeting, she said she denied sexual contact with Kelly.

Bonjean asked: "That was a false statement. That was not true?"

Jane responded: "Yes, I didn't want anyone else in trouble."

Bonjean asked: "And Mr. Kelly didn't tell you to tell that lie. You decided to tell that lie?"

Jane said: "Yes."

Why is R. Kelly on trial again?

Kelly was charged with child pornography in Cook County in 2002, but was acquitted in 2008 when the girl and her family denied Jane was in the video.

Jane testified she continued to have a relationship with Kelly after she moved out of his home and the alleged abuse ended.

Kelly is accused of creating child pornography and, along with his co-defendants and former employees Derrel McDavid and Milton Brown, accused of trying to pay off a minor seen in a pornographic video and her family to avoid prosecution in Cook County.

It's still unclear if Kelly will testify in his own defense.

The trial is expected to last under mid-September.