Lake Michigan erosion forces city to close public access at 2 Rogers Park beaches

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Friday, January 17, 2020
City closes public access at 2 Roger Park beaches
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City officials say Rogers Beach and Howard Beach are no longer salvageable.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- High lake levels and a series of storms have wiped out two beaches on Chicago's Far North Side, forcing the city to restrict access to the public.

City officials said Rogers Beach and Howard Beach are no longer salvageable and will be replaced with rock.

Before and after photos of Chicago beaches

Nearby residents said they have been watching the erosion and high water of Lake Michigan eat away at beach access.

Despite the city's best efforts to preserve the beach line at Rogers, some residents said they disagree with the city's decision and think some access should be allowed.

Dramatic photos show Chicago's disappearing beaches

Work is also being done at Juneway Beach, which currently restricts people's access to the shoreline.