Ukrainian mom who fled war reflect, plan next moves ahead of Mother's Day: 'Like a horrible dream'

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Friday, May 6, 2022
Ukrainian mothers who fled war plan next moves ahead of Mother's Day
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Refugee moms who fled war in Ukraine with children to Chicago's Ukrainian Village plan next moves as Russia continues attacks ahead of Mother's Day.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- St. Nicholas Cathedral School has welcomed 53 Ukrainian students since the war began in Ukraine.

Many of the children left Ukraine with only their mothers.

"I was shocked by all this love and support that was provided to me and Mia and all the families that faced such challenging choices and difficulties," said Roksoliana Robak.

Robak is among the mothers who left with her 5-year-old daughter and her sister, leaving her husband in Kyiv.

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"It was like a horrible dream... you just do the things in a vacuum," Robak said. "You just live with the feeling and expect that the next day will be okay, but unfortunately not."

Robak was hosted by her godparents in Chicago and was grateful for the warm welcome at St. Nicholas Cathedral School. But as the weeks dragged on, she had to plan ahead. She and her daughter are moving to the Netherlands, where her company is headquartered.

"I hope it will be a great time there and the move for there to Ukraine is not so far as Chicago," Robak said. "Next step, another way to get back to Ukraine once it is a safe place to live."

With all that's going on, Robak said she will likely not celebrate Mother's Day in Chicago or Europe, but she asked Chicagoans to keep the Ukrainian mothers in mind this Sunday. They are all doing their best for their kids for now and hoping to return to a peaceful Ukraine.