Remains of Uber driver missing 6 weeks may have been found in warehouse

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Monday, June 26, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO -- The family of missing San Francisco man Piseth Chhay confirmed they got a call from police detectives Sunday to say human remains were found in an East Bay warehouse.

Rattana Kim talked about the call from San Francisco police after the possible development in the case of her missing husband, 48-year-old Chhay, who worked as a full-time Uber driver.

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On Saturday, workers at a Hayward warehouse found human remains inside.

"The San Francisco Medical Examiner's office took several bags which contained human remains. The ID of the deceased is unknown," SFPD Spokesperson Robert Rueca said.

VIDEO: Police search industrial area in SF as part of missing Uber driver investigation

The family of a missing Uber driver missing for a week and a half is not giving up hope that he'll be found. Police so far aren't talking about the case, except to say they're serving search warrants.

The warehouse is associated with Bob Tang, a person of interest in the case, and a family friend. Police believe Tang has fled the country.

"We believe he's in Cambodia," Kim said. "I just hope that body part doesn't belong to my husband, but if it is, Bob Tang had something to do with it."

Kim says her husband and Tang have known each other for several years.

"My husband respected him," Kim said.

The father of two was last seen on Mother's Day. His Mercedes was found stripped in the Bayview.

Chhay's mother and aunt arrived in town to provide police with a DNA sample to help confirm the identity of the victim found in the warehouse.

"These two boys are waiting for him to come home," Kim said.

The grieving wife and mother is praying for a miracle, hoping Chhay will return.