'Game of Thrones' star Sophie Turner chugs wine, wins internet

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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'Game of Thrones' star polishes off glass of wine and wins the internet

NEW YORK, New York -- Sophie Turner is a young actress best known for portraying Sansa Stark in the epic drama "Game of Thrones," a series best known for dragons, "white walkers," battles, and various kings and queens.

But for one night, the 23-year-old who plays the Lady of Winterfell became the queen of the internet when she effortlessly downed a glass of red wine for thousands of sports fans.

During a timeout at the Rangers-Red Wings game at Madison Square Garden, Turner was introduced as a guest of honor in the crowd. After a sizzle reel of her exploits on "GOT" was shown to the crowd, a live camera caught Turner with a glass in her hand.

And almost immediately, the English actress chugged her beverage, with a droplet running down from the corner of her mouth.

She then pumped her fist in victory when she made the wine disappear.

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Various videos capturing her battle with vino caught fire on the internet. One post said, "The starks know how to send it!!!!"

Other celebrities weighed in, including rapper Drake, who called her an "inspiration" on an Instagram post of the video.

Somewhere, Tyrion Lannister would approve.