ShapeConnect helps entrepreneurs get resources they need to succeed

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Saturday, May 7, 2022
Connecting entrepreneurs to resources they need to succeed
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ShapeConnect works to help entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- During the pandemic, many people started rethinking their priorities. For some, that meant leaving their jobs during The Great Resignation.

Some decided it was time to launch their own business. But getting off the ground can be tough. ShapeConnect works to help.

"Entrepreneurs have a lot of decisions they need to make," said Brian Zielinski, Founder and CEO of ShapeConnect. "Our goal is to make sure they make the right decisions for their company. They find the right software and service providers to support their business."

It's an experience Matt Siegler went through himself. He's the President of HighRes PR and used ShapeConnect as he launched his business.

"I started off not knowing even how to form an LLC, not knowing where to start for a logo, not knowing where to start for website development," Siegler said.

He used ShapeConnect to get going and now he helps other entrepreneurs get the word out about their own businesses.