Credit union members win 60-second shopping spree in Brighton Park

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A handful of lucky shoppers won a free shopping spree today. There was one catch: they had just 60 seconds to grab as many gifts and gadgets as they could.
The eight teams were flown in from across the country by PSCU, a credit union service organization.

The pairs walked through Hinda's warehouse in Chicago's Brighton Park neighborhood, finding their most desired grabs and jotting down notes.
"Get the TV and then get the Play Station," said one strategizing duo.
Beyond big ticket electronics, contestants could choose from cooking appliances, toys, massage chairs and power tools-- chainsaws included. In all, there were roughly 2,000 items to choose from; it was important to have a plan going in.
Brandon Engle and Doug Thompson thought ahead, but not for themselves.
Everything they pick up will be donated to the United Way of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
"It makes it more exciting for us because we're shopping for others that are in need," said Thompson.
After the 30-minute walk through, the emcee declared "your preview time is over."

With the music pulsing, teams sprinted down the aisles.
One person pushes the cart, while the other rips as much from the shelves as is possible. Cast aside boxes thud to the ground along the way.
It was perhaps the fastest minute of Miriam Vasquez's life. When the horn sounded to end her minute run, she was breathless, but happy too.
"I got the iPad," she said, declaring victory.
"We got the must-haves and everything else is just icing on top," added Engle after his team's turn.
PSCU says today's teams took home an average of $5,000 in merchandise, making for a great way to dash into the holidays.
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