Quick tip: How to lessen wallet woes for wedding guests

Planning a wedding? There's something about your guests you may want to keep in mind.

Approximately 20 percent of Americans have declined a wedding invitation because they can't afford to attend, according to a recent study by bankrate.com.

Of those who RSVP'd "no," a third said their decision negatively affected their relationship with the couple getting married.

To make your wedding inviting to your guests, understand that attendance can be expensive and not everyone can afford it; especially for destination weddings, which are far more expensive for guests. About 56 percent of Americans think destination weddings are in bad taste, and experts agree.

While seven out of nine experts say it's OK not to attend a wedding for financial reasons, they all advise to send a gift - though 25 percent of survey respondents said they wouldn't send a gift for a wedding they're not attending.
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