The Chicago Tool Library opens in July in Bridgeport

CHICAGO -- A new kind of library will soon open in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood.

The goal of The Chicago Tool Library, 1048 W. 37th Street, is to provide equitable access to tools, equipment, and information.

There are over 200 tool libraries around the world. Co-founder Tessa Vierk says they're asking Chicagoans to invest in the concept.

"It just makes sense to centralize certain resources and make them widely available to more people who may not be able to afford to purchase or store them," said Vierk.

A wide variety of tools will be available like tile cutters, sewing machines, power washers, floor sanders and wheel barrows.

The library will provide membership set on a sliding scale which means nobody will be unable to borrow tools because of their income.

Vierk says she knows some of these tools are available for rental from hardware stores, but rental costs can get expensive.

"You might end up paying a $50 deposit plus $50 to use a tool for a day," Vierk said. "You could give that same $50 to the tool library and borrow all kinds of tools over the course of an entire year."

She says they've also learned from existing tool libraries that theft is very rare.

"Although late returns are common, people usually return tools within a reasonable time and often donate on top of their late fee charges to make up for the inconvenience," Vierk said.

Vierk says they are committed to building the framework for sharing economies throughout the city.

"This fights inequity by creating new opportunities for people to access resources regardless of their financial status," said Vierk.

The library will open in July but the non-profit is still in need of donations.

You can help by clicking here.