Toddler miraculously survives 6-story fall landing on car

REDMOND, Wash. -- Redmond Police called a man's car a life saver after it broke a toddler's fall when the 20-month-old boy tumbled six stories out of a window.

Normally Ed Lu doesn't believe in miracles but Thursday he can admit his car was there for a reason.

"That's big dent, I, I couldn't believe it," Lu said. "If I had driven in [Thursday] I don't know what would have happened."

Lu's car caught a 20-month-old boy who had fallen six stories out of a window KOMO reports.

"The maintenance guy for the building came by and said 'hey you need to come down with me there's an accident' and that's when I found out the kid had fallen on my car," Lu described.

The car took the brunt of the impact from the 70-foot fall.

"If the car wasn't there it would have been pavement the child would have fallen onto and this would have been a much different ending," said Redmond Police Officer James Perry.

Redmond Police said his mom had left him alone in a room during a nap.

Investigators said the boy propped himself up on the edge of window that was cracked open, then pushed through a screen and tumbled down.

That's when his 4-year-old sister discovered something was wrong.

"When a small child is in a room with an open window it doesn't matter what floor you're on, it doesn't matter the season of the year, bad things can happen if a child has access to an open window," Officer Perry said.

"We're all lucky, I guess, that I biked in [Thursday], rather than drive in to work," Lu said with relief.