Tyshawn Lee trial begins, 2 charged with murder of 9-year-old boy

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The trial for the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in Auburn Gresham in 2016 began Tuesday

Dwright Boone-Doty and Corey Morgan are accused of luring Lee into an alley in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood four years ago promising him a juice box, but instead, prosecutors said they shot him multiple times, execution style.

Prosecutors say the killing was in retaliation for an earlier shooting that killed Morgan's brother and injured his mother. The first witness called was Detective Brian Drees, who said two rival gang members are charged in that shooting.

Prosecutors said they have evidence from witnesses as well as DNA linking both men to the scene, and even an alleged jailhouse confession on an undercover recording.

Boone-Doty and Corey Morgan will be tried together but before separate juries, each of which will only consider the evidence as it pertains to one of the defendants.

Prosecutors are taking the case chronologically, establishing a motive and then providing evidence. Defense attorneys argued the evidence is circumstantial, and that police were under pressure to solve a high profile case and got the wrong guys.

The judge said he expects the trial to last about four weeks.

The accused getaway driver pleaded guilty earlier this month in exchange for a 25-year sentence.

In August, Corey Morgan's brother, Anthony, was sentenced for buying the gun used to kill Tyshawn.
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