Warriors' Steph Curry makes changes to Under Armour shoes after 9-year-old girl's letter

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is making changes to how Under Armour sells his shoes. And it's all because of a girl from the Bay Area.

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On Thursday a 9-year-old girl dribbled a basketball on a wet street with no hoop in sight, surrounded by news crews and cameras.

Riley Morrison of Napa, California, welcome to your first 15 minutes of fame.

"I just can't believe it got to this point," she said.

And it's all over a pair of basketball shoes.

Riley's a point guard who went online searching for the girls' version of Under Armour Curry 5s, but the company only marketed them to boys. She took issue with that.

"So was there a difference between boys' and girls' shoes?" we asked.

She answered, "No, I don't think so, but it was disappointing that they were not on the girls' page."

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Her father, Chris Morrison, continued the thread.

"Girls are continually overlooked," he said. "And as her father, I don't want her overlooked. I want her to have the same opportunities as guys."

So Riley penned a letter. She has now received a handwritten response from Curry, promising to make a change, and also to send her a pair of those shoes.

"I didn't think he would respond because he's such a busy man," she said.

By morning, this wasn't just a shoe story anymore. Riley had gone viral. The Under Armour website markets Curry 5s differently now, to kids.

"We're overwhelmed," said Riley's mother, Megan Lopez.

Riley adds, "It means to me that girls are strong and they can do anything they put their mind to."

That means a lot more than just dribbling a basketball.
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