NY teen gets 3rd COVID vaccine dose after given expired shot; Nearly 900 others ask to do same

ByAli Bauman, WCBS
Friday, June 18, 2021
NY teen gets 3rd COVID vaccine dose after given expired shot
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Almost 900 people are being asked to get a third Covid vaccine after expired doses were accidentally administered.

NEW YORK -- Plenty of people report side effects after getting a COVID vaccine, whether it was the first or second time - and sometimes both.

But what happens when you get it a third time?

Almost 900 New Yorkers will be able to answer that question if they comply with a request from health officials.

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It seems a Times Square location run by ATC Vaccination Services accidentally injected people with expired doses of the Pfizer vaccine last week, WCBS reported.

So, the city's health department is asking everyone affected to come back for a third dose.

One 15-year-old said he went back and got the third shot, and is now speaking out about his experience.

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"I'm feeling more sick, definitely more tired," said 15-year-old Dante Swift. "My arm hurts a lot more than it did the last time."

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"The kid's only 15," said his mother Gabrielle Napolitano Swift. "That's a lot of medication to put in a young body."

Health officials said getting an expired dose of the COVID vaccine is not harmful. The effectiveness of expired shots can't be guaranteed though, so anyone who receives one should get another as soon as possible.