Vanessa Guillen Mural in Pilsen stands as a emblem for hope and justice

ByYukare Nakayama WLS logo
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Pilsen artist dedicates mural to murdered Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen
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Milton Coronado, an artist from Pilsen, dedicates a mural to Vanessa Guillen, a Fort Hood soldier who was murdered in April.

CHICAGO, IL (WLS) -- On 16th street between the corners of Lafflin and Loomis in Pilsen, a 12 foot long mural of Vanessa Guillen, a Fort Hood soldier who was murdered three months ago, stands for the community to admire.

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Artist Milton Coronado spent two days creating what he calls a memorial for Guillen, finishing up the mural Sunday afternoon.

Coronado said he hopes his art work will elude hope and justice.

"I felt it needed to be done because we were touched by it, the story that is. And we were moved by it here, even though she wasn't from here. I'm not sure if anyone knew her here in the city but at least we can memorialize her and remember her story, not forget about it, and pursue justice," said Coronado.

The artist used the iconic picture of Guillen in her soldier uniform. The American flag, as well as a helmet, represents her service to the country. The Mexican flag is also represented in the mural as an ode to her culture.

Coronado said he hopes the mural influences the community to get involved with justice, not just for Guillen, but for others who have died with no justice done for them.