IL Senate Republicans reintroduce legislative bills that crack down on violent crime

Law imposes 10-year mandatory sentences for violent gun offenses
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WLS) -- Republicans gathered in Springfield Tuesday to call for some tough new laws to address the rise in violent crime, including carjackings.

"How many more people need to be shot, how many cars need to be hijacked. How many more people need to be murdered before the Democrats in this building do something," said State Sen. Chapin Rose (R) Springfield.

Republicans proposing a two strikes and your out plan that would impose a 10-year mandatory sentences for those convicted of violent gun offenses, including aggravated carjackings and aggravated discharge of a weapon. The second offense would result in life behind bars.

"You know, I think there has to be more of a preventive measure and we've got to deal with reality, you know, locking everyone up and throwing away the key just simply isn't the answer," said State Sen. Kim Lightford, (D) Senate Majority Leader.

Senate Majority Leader Kimberly Lightford, herself a carjacking victim just before Christmas, said republicans are playing politics by reintroducing these measures in an election year.

"This is nothing new, just more of their false narrative to get in the headlines," Lightford said.

Republicans also calling for $125 million for police body cameras, training and community policing programs.

"But if they don't listen to us and they should at least listen to people throughout the state who are begging for an end to the violence," said State Sen. Dan McConchie, (R) Senate Republican Leader.

On the eve of his budget address, Governor Pritzker said that's something he'll look at.

"But you know I will say I think we've got significant investments in this budget that address the challenges that municipalities are having with crime," Governor JB Pritzker said.

Privately some Democratic sources are saying the Republican package of bills is going nowhere. But Republicans are clearly trying to seize this political narrative,believing that crime is the top concern for voters heading into the June Primary.
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