Expert recommends taking care of skin in winter, using various skin care products for healthier skin

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Sunday, January 31, 2021
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"In the winter time, there's a lot less moisture in the air, so our skin tends to dry out," Dr. Larry Iteld said.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Winter can be a tough time on our skin, especially with people spending even more time inside than they typically have because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Larry Iteld is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon but said there are plenty of effective ways people can take care of their skin from home.

He said people should use sunscreen every day. Apply it under makeup and reapply frequently when in the sun. Dr. Iteld recommends using SPF 30 or higher. Other home treatments include Vitamin C serum, which he said reduces wrinkles and can even skin tone, and Vitamin A Retinol to support the skin's immune system and promote natural moisturizing.

When people clean their skin, he recommends doing so gently. Over cleansing can be harsh on the skin and cause it to get oily, causing breakouts. He also reminded people to exfoliate, otherwise products won't be absorbed into the skin.

Overall, he said exercising and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet while keeping alcohol to a minimum can help, too.