VIDEO: Incredible 360 perspective of surfer wiping out off coast of Mexico

MEXICO -- This may be one of the most incredible and unique perspectives of a wipeout ever captured.

Pro surfer Mikala Jones from Oahu captured his epic wipeout on a 360 GoPro while surfing off the coast of Mexico in January.

The video pauses mid-wipeout so that you can really get a look around the barrel to observe how intense the inside of a wave can be in a situation like this.

The footage went viral after his friend, Robbie Crawford, posted the video online.

Crawford says it was shot as part of a VR project they're working on together.

"I was amazed when I saw the re-frame edit of my wipeout," Jones said. "Robbie did a great job of picking where to look in the clip. I have never seen anything like it. It was pretty heavy wave and when I threw the camera I was in survival mode not really thinking about the shot. I was pretty lucky not to lose the camera and all the clips. I'm glad everything worked out."

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