Weekend Watch: Suburban business owner felt pressured to make campaign contributions to local politician

Our Weekend Watch shines a spotlight on government activity; this week it focuses on Cook County.

When an FBI raid targeted his company's county commissioner last year, southwest suburban factory owner Zach Mottl was "ecstatic."

"I felt like the house fell on the wicked witch," Mottl said. "That's what I felt like. And we were free. The munchkins were free."

Mottl said he felt a target of the raid, Democratic Cook County Commissioner and village of McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski, had pressured him into making a campaign contribution at the same time his company was seeking Tobolski's backing for a critical property tax break.

Tobolski has not been charged with any wrongdoing and continues to serve in his dual-elected positions. He declined to comment on the emails he sent to Mottl in 2018.

For the full article from the Better Government Association visit bettergov.org.
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