Bodies of newborn twins found in suitcase, authorities say

CROSS COUNTY, Arkansas -- Authorities say the bodies of two newborn babies have been found in a suitcase along a road in northeast Arkansas. The infants appear to be twins, Detective Sergeant Jeffrey Nichols told WREG.

The Cross County Sheriff's Office says the bodies were discovered Friday afternoon in a purple suitcase, which was on a ditch bank along a county road.

"When I left work this evening, I was shaken up. Like, I was in tears," Cross resident Santia Wallace said.

The Cross County Sheriff's Office is trying to figure out who left the babies on side of the road.

"Here I am, want to have kids and for you to, like, kill them? Like, who does that?" Wallace added.

Nichols confirmed that his office has identified several persons of interest but did not elaborate.

"It's hard to comprehend. I mean, I wouldn't know why anybody would abandon two little babies like that," Cross resident Walter Hill said.

The sheriff's office said the bodies are being sent to the state crime lab for autopsies, which should help investigators determine how the infants died and when.

Cross County deputies are asking anyone with information to come forward.
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