Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy gets new job at Naperville store

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) -- A Walmart greeter with cerebral palsy who was afraid he'd lose his job as the company made changes has accepted a new position at his Naperville store.

Craig Goodwin has been greeting customers at the Naperville Walmart for 19 years.

He was grateful for the work, saying Walmart hired him when many other businesses wouldn't.

"I've known people since their kids were in strollers. Now they're married and stuff," he said.

Walmart announced they are replacing the "door greeter" job with "customer hosts" who have expanded responsibilities that include being able to lift 25 pounds, collect carts and stand for long periods of time.

This change affects 1,000 Walmart stores across the country, and disproportionately affects workers with disabilities.

Craig said he was first offered the job of fitting room attendant, but since he has limited use of his hands it wasn't a viable option according to his mother. Friday, his mother Sharon confirmed he had accepted a new role at the store called "One Best Way."

In his new role, Craig will be working near the belted self-checkout area, reminding people to check items at the bottom of the cart, greeting people and checking IDs for alcohol sales.

Sharon said they're happy about the news and that Walmart was able to find a good new role for him.
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