Oswego teen wants to 'spread positivity' with his social distancing song

OSWEGO, Ill. (WLS) -- A talented teen from a far west community has a new song to remind us how to practice social distancing, and it's already gotten thousands of views!

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Ryan Kazda is an award-winning musician and a senior at Oswego High School who plays an array of instruments. He has a love for brass, and wrote his song in less than an hour.

"The main intention was just to kind of spread positivity through my song and optimism," Kazda said.

Kazda has received a stream of positive comments.

"Some of the best comments I've received so far have been, 'you've made my day,' 'you put a smile on my face,' 'you made me cry,'" he said. "To me, it's all about connecting with the audience and making them feel any emotion, whatever that is."

Kazda's mom, Regina, is a music teacher and got him hooked on the piano early.

"Once I picked up the trumpet, I became very involved in my high school band program," Kazda said. "My main passion lies in teaching to make sure that the future generations realize the importance of music and the impact that it can have on people. I do a lot of gigging. Actually, I made my own combo where we try to play around the community and once again spreading our love and passion for this music, this art."

Kazda and his friends don't know if they'll have any kind of graduation ceremony, but he hopes his song encourages other teens to stay safe at home.

"Music kind of brings out the best in me and what I think is so powerful is that hopefully for my music is that I can bring out the best in others," he said.

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